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Fire Suppression Equipment

Saint Paul, Minnesota

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"We have recommended Composer to other companies. People will see our animations at trade shows and ask how we do that and we let them know it's SOLIDWORKS Composer." 
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Daniel Murtin

Technical Documentation  

Waterous — Maximizing Design Efficiency with SOLIDWORKS 

About Waterous

Waterous has been making American-made firefighting products since 1886 and they are still building revolutionary fire suppression systems today, Waterous holds true to their philosophy - “Cast, Machined, Assembled and Tested in America.” They got their start as a single factory in the quiet riverside city of South Saint Paul, Minnesota, and grew into an internationally recognized company that continues to develop leading products and services for the global firefighting community.

With an American backbone as strong as the cast iron fire pumps they build, the Waterous workforce is legendary for the longevity of its laborers. You can't shortcut that kind of experience. And you can't fast track that level of skill. It's acquired one way, and one way only – hard work and loyalty.

"Composer dovetailed very nicely with the SOLIDWORKS modeling software that we are currently using. One of the reasons why we went to SOLIDWORKS was the secondary programs that it offered. One being Composer, another being some of the high-resolution modeling. We've found the benefits of all those and it's all one nice little ecosystem," said Daniel Murtin who's in charge of technical documentation over at Waterous. 

With the help of Alignex, Waterous was able to streamline their design process through the use of a variety of products within the SOLIDWORKS portfolio, most of all SOLIDWORKS Composer. 

"Something that really surprised me about Composer is not only that you can get into more complex things, but it's very efficient in its ability to do simple things efficiently and get them done in a way that is deliverable," said Murtin. "Waterous does sell and support products internationally and what Composer is helping us do it make more graphic-centric documentation."


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