Flexible, Online, Instructor-Led SOLIDWORKS Training Bundle


What is CADCamp?

Alignex is offering an exclusive online, instructor-led training program called CADCamp. For a one-time discounted cost of $895, the student can take as many of the eligible Alignex EXTEND and EXTEND MASTERCLASS courses as they would like.

All courses included in this offer have been developed by our Application Engineers based on requests from customers that were looking for more user development options beyond standard SOLIDWORKS training.  

CADCamp Bundle Training Details

  • Annual program, expires one year from purchase
  • Named user contract (per student)
  • The named student can take as many of the eligible courses over a 12 month period
  • Courses are taught by live instructors online through GoToTraining
  • Minimal system requirements - students will remotely access Alignex training computers
  • You can purchase the CADCamp bundle now, then register for eligible classes later, at your convenience
  • Training flexibility - all courses are just 4 hours


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Which Training Classes Are Eligible?



Sketch Like a Pro!
Learn all the undocumented tips and tricks to make sketching as fast and accurate as possible.

SOLIDWORKS Extreme Part Modeling
Learn the most critical advanced part modeling techniques, including how to use multibody solids, sweeping and lofting features and more.

Advanced Sheet Metal for Fabrication Pros
Learn advanced topics relating to sheet metal parts in design, specifically for fabrication environments.

SOLIDWORKS Advanced Weldments
For users familiar with weldments, this course dives into more advanced capabilities offered in SOLIDWORKS.

3D Modeling for Plastic Part Design 
Designed for users who handle plastic part design, this course deals with specific concerns of 3D modeling for these types of parts.

Learn the Basics of SOLIDWORKS CAM
In this course you learn everything needed for basic machining using SOLIDWORKS CAM.

Getting Started as a CAD Admin
Learn the basics skills needed as a SOLIDWORKS CAD Administrator. Learn where to find resources, tools for troubleshooting and system maintenance tips.


Continuing Education: Mastering Parts & Features
Learn advanced modeling techniques such as sweeps, 3D sketching and solid-surface hybrid modeling.

Continuing Education: Mastering Drawings
Get a deep dive into the SOLIDWORKS drawing environment including drawings setup, section views, MBD and more.

Mastering Imported Models in SOLIDWORKS
Learn options for importing files using 3D Interconnect, repairing imported models and editing imported models.

Mastering the SOLIDWORKS Design Library
Learn how to maximize your use of the Design Library, reduce repetitive tasks and speed up design. 

Mastering the User Interface for Efficient Design
Learn how to massively improve productivity by customizing the SOLIDWORKS user interface using CommandManager, shortcut menus, mouse gestures, keyboard shortcuts and more.

Mastering CAD Admin: Install, Licensing & Dashboard 
Learn advanced CAD Administration skills including topics on installation, licensing and the CAD Admin Dashboard.

Mastering CAD Admin: Properties, Toolbox & BOM
Learn advanced CAD Administration skills including topics on custom and drawing properties, the SOLIDWORKS toolbox and BOM management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the courses seminar style or hands-on?
All courses are hands-on in SOLIDWORKS to give students the best understanding of the material.

What hardware/software is required?
Just a computer with internet access. Students will remotely access the Alignex training lab computers which are up-to-date with the latest SOLIDWORKS software.

How many students are in each class?
We have a maximum of 15 students per class to ensure maximum interaction between students and the instructor.

When are the courses offered?
Please refer to our Training Calendar for the most up-to-date schedule.

Is this good for someone new to SOLIDWORKS?
These courses were designed to supplement standard SOLIDWORKS training and give you a deeper dive into topics. For new users looking to get up to speed quickly, we would recommend our Training Passport.

What if I need someone else in my company to purchase the training for me?
Not a problem! When the CADCamp bundle is purchased, the student's name must be entered at the time of checkout so that we can facilitate training course registrations without payment.

Can we transfer the CADCamp purchase from one employee to another?
The only time that the CADCamp purchase can be transferred is if the original employee leaves the company.

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