Spend less time looking, re-use what you have.

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Spend less time looking. Re-use what you have.

Is it intuitive to find your parts in your existing system? If not, your engineers may be unnecessarily creating duplicate parts, spending time finding parts, and may require more context about the parts they've found. With EXALEAD OnePart, you can index your parts intelligently and receive a wealth of information about the parts you find.

With EXALEAD OnePart, you will have one tool that is easy to use and simple to install. Once implemented, you will be able to reveal and reuse 2D and 3D assets in a variety of CAD formats, regardless of the source location (file server/PDM/PLM).

EXALEAD OnePart Key Capabilities Include

Search Contextually

Search for parts, assemblies, and drawings in most 3D CAD formats.

Search Faster

Auto-complete Web search functionality makes your user queries faster.

Exact Match

Navigate deep into parent and child relationships to converge on the exact part of an assembly.

Find by Feature and Shape

Shape and 3D mechanical feature mining allows you to locate parts by holes, pads, grooves, etc.

Compare Inside Your Search

Side-by-side comparison allows you to find the most relevant part for reuse.

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