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As product design continues to get more complicated, the traditional method of physical prototyping and testing gets more expensive and time consuming. Opting for a virtual product validation environment allows designers to build and test an unlimited number of prototypes at a fraction of the time and cost. Virtual validation allows engineers to test their product designs against real world conditions during the design process, rather than after.

If you have an upcoming project that could benefit from virtual prototyping and testing, we can help. Our simulation experts have the knowledge and experience to handle any problem you throw at them. We have FEA, CFD and Plastics analysis experts on staff, so no matter what type of product you make (or what type of CAD you use), we’ve got you covered.

Simulation services might be a good fit for your organization if:

  • Your primary need is to validate design performance
  • Very few, if any, iterations will be needed
  • Project requirements are clearly defined
  • There is no desire internally to learn simulation
  • You are okay with longer lead times between iterations


We can also help you bring simulation capabilities in-house if you like the results from your first project. Alignex offers a wide array of simulation software options, as well as our Analysis Acceleration Program to help you get up and running quickly with your next simulation project.

Alignex Simulation Service Capabilities:


Structural Analysis Studies

Simulate and predict your product’s physical behavior by virtually testing CAD models against real-world conditions.

  • Stress analysis and deformation analysis
  • Resonant frequency calculation
  • Buckling load calculation
  • Cyclic load fatigue prediction
  • Crash and impact testing
  • Drop testing (product and/or packaging)
  • Manufacturing processes:
    • Metal forming
    • Deep draw
    • Blow molding
    • Thermoforming

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Plastic Injection Molding Studies

Simulate how melted plastic flows during injection molding to predict manufacturing-related defects during the design process.

  • Short shot detection
  • Gate location
  • Weld/meld lines
  • Air traps
  • Cycle time
  • Sink marks
  • Multi-cavity & family molds
  • Overmolding
  • Volumetric shrinkage
  • Fiber analysis
  • Cooling analysis
  • Part warpage  

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Fluid Dynamic Studies

Analyze the flow of of gas and liquids through and around your designs to understand product performance.

  • Pressure drop calculations for valves, pipes, and ductwork
  • Pump, fan, impeller performance calculations
  • Sloshing liquid in a tank
  • Fluid mixing problems

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Thermal Studies

Calculate heat transfer and visualize temperature distribution to prevent overheating and understand how your products will perform under various thermal conditions.

  • Electronics enclosure cooling
  • Heat exchangers
  • HVAC system performance

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Shock & Vibration Studies

Simulate and understand how different loads and vibrations will effect your product's structural integrity.

  • Mechanical shock tests 
  • Harmonic and random vibration testing ("virtual shaker table")
  • Vibration fatigue prediction

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Motion Studies

Simulate the motion of assemblies for information on velocity, displacement, inertial forces and other kinematic information.

  • Motor and actuator sizing
  • Mechanical linkages and mechanisms
  • Machine timing optimization
  • Cam design

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