Your Guide to Buying SOLIDWORKS Electrical Solutions


This comprehensive guide was created to answer some of the most common questions people have before buying SOLIDWORKS Electrical or PCB software.


How to Choose an Electrical Solution

Which solution(s) is right for you?

Selecting the right electrical solution depends on your company’s specific needs and use case. SOLIDWORKS provides a variety of electrical options from basic to advanced, as well as options for 2D, 3D and PCB design.

Below is an overview of the capabilities in each software package to help you choose the best solution:

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic Standard
The Electrical Schematic Standard software is an easy-to-use, standalone schematic design tool. Featuring libraries of electrical symbols and manufacturer part information, as well as automation tools, this solution can simplify tedious tasks and significantly speed up the design process.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic Professional
The Schematic Professional solution builds upon the solid base of Schematic Standard. When you bump up to the Professional tool, you can create customized reports and float your licenses on your network to be shared among your team. SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic Professional also features more advanced automation to further streamline design, including Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) management tools.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D
The Electrical 3D tool from SOLIDWORKS enables you to integrate electrical components into your 3D model. Your schematics and 3D models are synced in real time, bi-directionally, so all changes update automatically. Develop schematic-driven harness designs and 3D cabinet layouts.

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Professional
The Electrical Professional tool combines the functionality of Schematic Professional with Electrical 3D into a single license. Please contact Alignex to review your ECAD needs to see if this is the right solution for your business.


SOLIDWORKS PCB is powered by Altium to give you a best-in-class electromechanical solution, combining the 3D expertise of SOLIDWORKS with the power and intuitive workflow of Altium. The integration provides an ideal environment for collaboration between electrical and mechanical engineering departments, keeping designs synchronized and standardized. The power of this integration ensures a streamlined design process, lower costs and fewer production delays 


The SOLIDWORKS PCB Connector is an extension of Altium Designer that provides a native, programmatic connection between Altium Designer and SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD. This connector enables on-demand collaboration between electrical and mechanical design environments, keeping departments and designers on the same page throughout the design process.

Where to Buy SOLIDWORKS Electrical Solutions

Contact Your SOLIDWORKS Reseller

Electrical module licenses are purchased through your certified reseller.

Can I Use SOLIDWORKS Electrical Solutions Without SOLIDWORKS CAD?

In order to purchase and use the 3D Electrical add-in package or the PCB Connector package, you must first have a SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD license. Schematic Professional and SOLIDWORKS PCB are capable standalone design tools, but to take full advantage of seamless ECAD-MCAD collaboration, you will want to use in conjunction with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD.

If you need to purchase a SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD license first, we recommend starting with our Guide to Buying SOLIDWORKS with answers to common questions like:

  • Where to Buy SOLIDWORKS?
  • How to Buy SOLIDWORKS?
  • Types of SOLIDWORKS Licenses?
  • Benefits of SOLIDWORKS Subscription?

What is the Price of SOLIDWORKS Electrical?

How much do SOLIDWORKS Electrical solutions cost?

The basic SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic Standard price is $3,995. The annual subscription service is $1,000 and covers technical support, upgrades and much more. Contact Alignex to learn more about our current promotions or download our SOLIDWORKS Electrical Price List (PDF) to get a comprehensive look at pricing and features for all of our Electrical Solutions.

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Request a Custom Software Demonstration

See the software in action

Since the connection between electrical and mechanical design departments can be complex, many customers want to see the software in action. The highly customized and integrated nature of the electrical solutions allows us to create a custom demonstration of the electrical solution(s) of interest. Our certified application engineers will put together a demonstration that includes some custom examples from the data you give us to ensure that the features and functionality of the product(s) will do exactly what you are seeking.

Request a Demo

Top Electrical & PCB Resources

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SOLIDWORKS Electrical Training Courses
In order for customers to get acclimated with the solutions and get up and running quickly, we recommend starting with training.

Implementation Services
Alignex also offers Implementation Services where we help you get setup with your first couple projects. Contact Alignex today to discuss our Implementation Services for Electrical and PCB products.



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