Automatically nest layouts of SOLIDWORKS parts and assemblies for production.


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NESTINGWorks automatically nests layouts of SOLIDWORKS parts and assemblies for production. This new 3D nesting application is seamlessly integrated within SOLIDWORKS, enabling automated nesting of flat or 3D part or assembly models made from sheet stock, including sheet metal, plates, plastics, composites or wood.

With single dialog box ease-of-use, NESTINGWorks is extremely simple to use and provides industry leading capabilities to help optimize not only the design, but to also optimize material usage when laying out parts on a sheet.

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Key Features of NESTINGWorks

True Shape Nesting

Many simple nesting tools just draw a box around a part and nest the box, wasting valuable material. NESTINGWorks orients parts true to shape and optimizes how parts can fit on a shape.

User-Specified Grain Direction

NESTINGWorks can work with directional material properties that are important in many designs.

Part-in-Part Nesting

Enable the ability to maximize material usage by fitting smaller parts in open areas and cutouts on larger parts of the same thickness.

Automatic Layout of Parts with Varied Thicknesses

Sort parts in an assembly and automatically group and nest parts of the same thickness.

Compatibility with Downstream Manufacturing Tools

NESTINGWorks creates 3D SOLIDWORKS assemblies that can be used to communicate with any manufacturing application.

Associativity with SOLIDWORKS

As your design changes, your NESTINGWorks layouts will update.

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