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This comprehensive guide was created to answer some of the most common questions people have before buying SOLIDWORKS Simulation.


How to Choose a Design Validation Solution

Which Simulation package is right for you?

For those looking to run very basic structural analysis, there is a light version of Simulation included in every seat of SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD called SimulationXpress, which allows users to run simulations on single-body parts. However, the Premium level of SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD unlocks even more capabilities by allowing the user to run simulations on multi-body parts and assemblies.

For those looking for more robust design analysis capabilities, SOLIDWORKS Simulation add-in licenses are offered in a tiered system of Standard, Professional and Premium. As you move up to professional and premium levels, you gain additional capabilities as well as additional license and support costs.  

Here is an overview of the Simulation capabilities and modules in which they are included to help you choose the right package for you:

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD (All Packages)
If your simulation needs require only the static analyses of individual parts, the SimulationXpress tool may be best for you. SimulationXpress is available for free in every seat of SOLIDWORKS Standard, Professional and Premium.

SOLIDWORKS Premium includes SimulationXpress, but takes it a step further to give you access to a light version of the Simulation add-In, which provides time-based motion and linear static simulation capabilities for assemblies in addition to parts.

SimuliaWorks SPE
SimuliaWorks SPE, a cloud-based solution, leverages the widely acclaimed ABAQUS solver. It extends SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium’s capabilities by allowing its users to solve highly nonlinear large-displacement problems, define general & regional contacts with ease, as well as accurately simulate hyperelastic & viscoelastic materials. SPE allows you to run simulations on your local machine or in the cloud.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard
The Simulation Standard add-in builds on top of the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Premium giving you two more major tools: the Fatigue Study and the Trend Tracker.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional
The Simulation Professional add-in includes all the tools and capabilities included in Simulation Standard and adds multiple productivity tools to decrease set-up time, including: Optimization, 2D Simplification, Edge Weld Connectors, Toolbox Automation, Submodeling, Material Web Portal, Load Case Manager and Contact Visualization. Additional failure modes/study types include: Frequency, Buckling, Thermal, Drop Test and Pressure Vessel simulations.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium
The Simulation Premium add-in includes all the tools and capabilities included in Simulation Professional and Standard. Additionally, SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium adds in two new studies including Dynamic and Nonlinear Studies

How to Buy SOLIDWORKS Simulation?

Contact Your SOLIDWORKS Reseller

In order to purchase and use a SOLIDWORKS Simulation Add-In package, you must first have a SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD license. SOLIDWORKS Simulation Add-ins are purchased through your certified reseller.

If you need to purchase a SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD license first, we recommend starting with our Guide to Buying SOLIDWORKS with answers to common questions like:

  • Where to Buy SOLIDWORKS?
  • How to Buy SOLIDWORKS?
  • Types of SOLIDWORKS Licenses?
  • Benefits of SOLIDWORKS Subscription?
  • Options to Rent vs. Buy SOLIDWORKS


No, you cannot run a Simulation without having your primary SOLIDWORKS license open and running.  If, for example, you are using SOLIDWORKS Professional to perform the simulation then that entire license is considered in use and unavailable to another user while the simulation runs. 

Can I Run Simulations on Non-Native SOLIDWORKS Models?

Yes, you can run simulations on any CAD model that SOLIDWORKS is able to open and view, including models from other CAD systems and neutral CAD formats such as STEP and IGES.

What is the Price of SOLIDWORKS Simulation?

How much does SOLIDWORKS Simulation cost?

The list price of a license of SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard is $3,995. The annual subscription service, which covers technical support, upgrades and much more for one year, is $995. You also have the option to network your license so multiple people can take advantage of the functionality.

Get Price List

Contact us to learn more about the latest SOLIDWORKS promotions or download our SOLIDWORKS Simulation Price List (PDF) to get a comprehensive price list for SOLIDWORKS Simulation.

How to Start Your Free Trial

To try the advanced Simulation tools included in SOLIDWORKS Premium, simply register for the online trial. Get access to the latest capabilities within minutes with zero commitments, no install or download required.

Access Trial

Next steps after your free online trial?

If you’ve tried an online trial and you think it fits your needs, you may be ready for either an extended product trial or software demonstration.

Extend your Simulation Trial
SOLIDWORKS Simulation product trials are available for 7 days and can be requested from Alignex

Request a Software Demonstration
Another option is requesting a demonstration of the simulation software by our certified application engineers. This ensures that the features and functionality in the product cover the type of analysis or optimization needed.

Top 3 Design Analysis Resources

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