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EXXAR AR/VR Solutions

Accelerate your time-to-market with increased design review efficiency. EXXAR instantly transforms your 3D CAD data into a virtual, interactive, 1:1 scale prototype with just the click of a button. Virtually review your product design with human interaction and process interplay.

EXXAR Review

EXXAR Review is a digital mock up tool that enables users to interact with their models in a virtual environment, eliminating the need for physical prototypes. The user interface allows users to easily perform checks, corrections and design reviews. Tools included in EXXAR Review include distance and angle measurement, blind spot viewing, annotations, sketching and even creating walkthroughs.


When basic VR model visualization and mock-up is not enough, EXXAR Build adds a variety of advanced assessment tools for part manipulation and tool interactions. Tools within EXXAR Build include the ability to group parts, move and rotate parts, snap objects to their original location and test interactions between tools and parts.

EXXAR Huddle

EXXAR Huddle is an enterprise SAAS based real time CAD collaboration and remote communications platform that helps boost the productivity of your design team.

EXXAR Stream

EXXAR Stream is a CAD to VR transformation platform that allows real-time virtual prototyping and mock-ups. The platform handles large data with ease, eliminating the need for data conversion or optimization and allowing for the fastest process to setup the design review session. Perform design reviews, make changes and instantly review those changes in real-time in the virtual prototype.


EXXAR Human enables users to eliminate the need for Engineering Change Requests (ECR) during production by performing human-centered design reviews. This module couples visualization with full-body tracking suits to test ergonomics, reachability, accessibility and interaction between humans and parts.

EXXAR Virtual Reality Applications

Design Review

Go from 3D CAD model to VR in 1 click. Review your model collaboratively at a 1:1 scale, note errors, give feedback and instantly review changes in the virtual prototype.


Create virtual training sessions that offer a safe environment for training in potentially difficult or hazardous operations. Familiarize operators with equipment and tasks within VR.


Create a virtual shop floor that allows your operators to familiarize themselves at the pre-production stage and validate visibility.


Connect instantly with your remote team, suppliers or customers and communicate around your 3D data in real time. 

Product Showcase

Create a virtual meeting by immersing multiple users in VR for collaboration and live showcase of modified designs.

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