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Design Automation and Sales Configuration Services

Whether you need to get up to speed quickly or are looking to outsource your Design Automation, Alignex has you covered.

In today’s market, more customers are demanding increased customization of products. Design Automation and Sales Configuration solutions help to free up time taken up by repetitive tasks for product challenges like this.

Alignex has been implementing and supporting Design and Sales Automation solutions for decades, so we know needs vary widely from one company to the next. Goals differ. Some customers may start with design automation for products that are the “same but different”, others may want to start with a sales configurator to create a quote and simplified sales drawing.

Our Automation Process:

The first step to any Design Automation or Sales Configuration service is a kick-off discovery call. This is when our experts meet with you to discuss your initiatives regarding automation. After this, we will determine appropriate next steps to further the education and discovery process.

After establishing an agreed upon scope of your project — including your specific products, project needs and goals — we can put together an accurate and aggressive scope of work and estimated time to completion. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to get you up and running with Design Automation FAST.

How Alignex Helps:

Our first goal when working with a customer is for them to be self sufficient with DriveWorks. The idea is that our customers can take ownership of the solution so they are not dependent on another vendor. We realize that sometimes timelines and resources may be constrained and Alignex is available to take on your project or work in parallel with your team on projects.

Get Up and Running with Design Automation Fast

For many customers, Design Automation is a new concept when they first purchase the solution. That’s why we won’t just sell you a software license and throw you to the wolves. We want you to get off on the right foot, providing training, implementation and even assistance with your first project.


Outsource a Project

We get it. We all get busy and projects start stacking up. It happens to the best of us. That’s why the Design Automation experts at Alignex are available to assist you with those times when you just don’t have the bandwidth to catch up. Need to outsource a project to offload a little work? Contact us today.

Use Alignex as Your Design Automation Expert

Some of our customers benefit from Design Automation, but just don’t want to bring it in house. Not to worry, we have experts for that. We are happy to serve as the team to develop your automation. You give us the intelligence we need about your products and needs, we make it happen.

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