The Alignex Difference

We are problem solvers for manufacturing and design engineering groups.

Whether you’re new to 3D design, making the transition from other software, or an expert needing additional support, we can help.



Alignex engineering tech on wheels

The mobileEX is our 40-foot custom-finished trailer outfitted with every piece of technology Alignex represents. Recent stops include Ft. Dodge, IA, Rice Lake, WI and Grand Forks, ND.

The Alignex Difference

Many companies are convinced that the product development issues they struggle with are 100% unique to them. That no one else has seen their issue or could possibly understand it. We bet we can. We’re problem solvers for manufacturers. Our 30 years of hard-earned “scar tissue” has made us uniquely qualified to understand your complex processes and requirements. Unlike other technology vendors, we’re willing to roll up our sleeves and dig in to determine if it’s something we can help with – usually with no cost to you other than your time. Challenge us with something today.

Find out more about what separates Alignex from other technology vendors in our four hubs - EXPLORE, EXTEND, EXPERIENCE and EXPERT.

What is the EXPLORE Hub?


This hub showcases educational resources in our extensive resource center, support documents library, customer newsletter and on the Alignex Technical Blog. Explore resources on your time with technical documents and informative videos.

Resource Center

Our comprehensive resource center includes over 100+ videos, product resource libraries, white papers, case studies, product matrices and more to help you grow your business and stay on top of new solutions.

Technical Blog

Subscribe to our technical blog for access to technical content from our application engineering team. On the Alignex Blog you’ll stay up on the latest video tutorials, how-to posts and more.

Support Documents Library

In addition to using our live tech support, you can also browse our collection of user guide PDFs to get answers to the most frequently asked questions received by our technical support team.

Customer Newsletter

As a customer of Alignex you have access to exclusive resources through our monthly newsletter. Stay in the loop on upcoming Alignex training, events and the latest technical content.

What is the EXPERIENCE Hub?


This hub is about meeting and interacting with our application engineers, product experts and your engineering community. We design one-of-a-kind live experiences to give you insight into the strategies and best practices of successful manufacturing organizations. Watch a video to learn more about our EXPERIENCE Hub.

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Exclusive Educational Seminars, Webinars & Networking Events

Join us for complimentary live events to discover new technology and learn from our engineering team. We spend our time out in the communities we serve, bringing our expertise to you, whether you’re in a major metro area or a small town. Or join us for a virtual webinar to validate your current processes. We offer webinars on many topics and we make it easy to fit them into your busy schedule.

Live Product Demos

Request a demo to see for yourself how a new tool can improve efficiencies in your environment. Our application engineers can use your data to demonstrate how a new tool will impact your current set of tools and processes.

mobileEX Engineering Tech on Wheels

Alignex’s 40-foot custom-finished trailer was created specifically to take engineering technology on the road. With capacity for up to eight participants and two Alignex engineers, this mobile lab is outfitted with every piece of technology Alignex represents.

Hands-on Discovery Sessions

Visit us at one of our 13 offices and attend an Alignex Discovery Training session designed to give you a more complete look at SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD technology. In this hands-on test drive, walk through powerful, easy-to-use solutions on a dedicated workstation and leave with a better understanding of a new software's capabilities.

What is the EXPERT Hub?


This hub is about partnering with you to provide the expert level of services and technical expertise you need to grow your business. There is no challenge you will encounter that our team will not be prepared to help you address head-on.

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Extensive Service Offerings

Our extensive services expertise goes well beyond SOLIDWORKS frontline technical support.

  • Never miss another project deadline. Receive a custom plan to help improve your process and personnel efficiency with Alignex EXpert Professional Services
  • Integration to PLM, MRP, ERP
  • Implementation, including four methodologies and Alignex-developed tools for migrating data from one 3D CAD system to another
  • Our unique expertise in managing data-intensive engineering applications means our IT Services can help optimize networks and servers to meet system performance goals
  • Design Automation (product configurator) services as well as Sales Automation (CPQ) to benefit sales and improve customer service
  • Simulation Services with your specifications
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Services to help you visualize and contextualize your designs without the need for a prototype
  • Customization of SOLIDWORKS with software development solutions

In-House Technical Expertise
Our team has the extensive industry experience needed in order to help you win in your marketplace, whether it’s local or global.

  • Expert Instructors
  • Advanced Surfacing Experts
  • SOLIDWORKS CAM and CAMWorks Experts
  • SOLIDWORKS Composer Experts
  • SOLIDWORKS Inspection and MBD/MBE Experts
  • FEA, CFD and SOLIDWORKS  Simulation Experts
  • Electrical & PCB Experts
  • DriveWorks Design Automation and Sales Automation Experts
  • Database Developers, Software Programmers and IT Experts
  • Dedicated team of Data Management Experts
  • Local staff in Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and Colorado.

What is the EXTEND Hub?


This hub is about extending beyond the offerings and training courses provided by other resellers. Take advantage of our Alignex custom-developed applications and new training courses for better user development.

Alignex Developed Applications

We close the gap between your company’s requirements and SOLIDWORKS core functionality.

We also have many more 3rd party software options, industry-specific tools and partners like DriveWorks, Altair solidThinking and CAMWorks.

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Additional User Development

In addition to offering the core SOLIDWORKS and partner product training courses, Alignex has designed a series of EXTEND training courses to address our customers' need for more options and flexibility.

Courses cover topics including SOLIDWORKS Extreme Part ModelingSketch Like a Pro!, Essentials for Non-CAD Users, 3D Modeling for Plastic Part Design and more.

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Hear From Our Customers

Our customers come from many industries – manufacturing, agriculture, life sciences, aerospace, automotive, industrial equipment and more. We work closely with customers to help them become more competitive, especially in increasingly difficult markets. Hear from them directly about the impact Alignex made in their organizations.

"I just want to say that I am very happy with the Customer Service I received today from a member of your team… I was very impressed of the level of patience and dedication he demonstrated to resolve my issue. I felt like he asked the right questions and explained to me in good detail the chain of actions he would take and took the time to explain a few other things related to the case that I would not even dream of knowing without someone telling me about it… I felt schooled and better prepared for next time if something like this happens again. I appreciated that he would allow me to "drive" through the process, explained to me the different options and why they were options instead of just taking care of it by himself for the sake of finishing the task as soon as possible. Overall, it was a very good experience and the end result was more than satisfactory. The problem got solved, I learned a lot throughout the process and I did not sense any signs of anxiety or desperation neither from me nor from him."

Alex Gomez, Manufacturing Engineering Supervisor
Bish Enterprises


PS Doors

From start to finish, each design is built the PS DOORS way. Utilizing a complete design and manufacturing team along with 3D CAD design, design automation tools and fully integrated ERP manufacturing software, they pride themselves on providing solutions, not just a product.



PlastiComp offers their customers deep industry experience, ongoing R&D and design agility. Utilizing the support of Alignex, they improved product performance and business positions in previously unimagined ways.


Super Radiator Coils

Super Radiator Coils has been providing high-quality products since 1928 and has a long tradition of excellence. Some of their competitors are good at engineering and some at manufacturing. Super Radiator Coils makes sure they are superior at both.



Roll-n-Go is a small company achieving great success in the water sport industry. With support from Alignex, they took an innovative product idea for docking small boats and personal water crafts and made it a leader in shore docking systems.

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