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We understand that "out-of-the-box" solutions may not always provide the exact functionality your organization requires. Alignex developed solutions help facilitate the "bridging" of the gap between a product's core functionality and your organization's requirements.

Alignex Developed Applications



AlignexT is a Tool for SOLIDWORKS users designed to save time when creating hardcopy or electronic deliverables for manufacturing, purchasing or other customers of your design information. AlignexT also enables you to link SOLIDWORKS to other ODBC compliant company systems.

AligneXpress for SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional

The AligneXpress PDM Automation Framework includes an administration console for configuring a variety of activities within the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional system. (Formerly known as SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM.) The configuration interface is organized in such a way that an PDM administrator can create custom, automated functions based on several selections, such as data validation, file manipulation, advanced workflow customization, printing, and data export.



AlignexT SOLIDWORKS Derived Documentation Service (DDS) is a SOLIDWORKS based "server side" system designed to export 2D and/or 3D files in a neutral format for distribution outside of the engineering department or company.  Publishing jobs are queued and executed on the "server" to allow users to quickly return to work.  Because the conversion activity is done by the "server," the user's workstation is not impacted.

  • All file types possible from SOLIDWORKS save-as are supported.
  • SOLIDWORKS is required to be installed and licensed on the DDS "server."
  • DDS supports the collection and compression into zip file format of multiple exported file types per source file.
  • DDS is integrated with EPDM via the AligneXpress EPDM Automation Framework.
  • DDS can also be deployed with other data management applications (e.g. Enovia, DBWorks).

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