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We go beyond standard classroom training to meet a customer's unique needs.

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Some users require more specialized training outside our posted courses. Our certified Alignex application engineers are experienced industry experts and able to meet nearly any training need. We provide Custom Training for software platforms, design process techniques, project management or certification exam preparation, and much more. 

SOLIDWORKS Custom Training Midwest

Training Delivery Options

Alignex can arrange custom training at any one of our nine Midwest training facilities, at your office, or at another facility using our mobile training workstations. We routinely provide custom training at various locations throughout the Midwest for the convenience of our customers. We are also capable of providing live online training via Go-To-Meeting.

Materials, Equipment, and Format

We can provide workstations, software, course materials, and presentation materials to meet nearly any custom training need. Alignex offers custom training in a variety of formats including:

  • Hands-On Training
  • One-On-One Training
  • Live Online Training
  • Large Group/Lecture Style Training
  • "Lunch & Learn" Sessions

Want to Use Your Company's Data or Drawings? 

We have also developed a Compression Training option out of customer need. Our customers are under more and more pressure to be efficient and competitive and we help them succeed. With compressed design cycle times and more and more complex product definitions regular classroom training alone won't get a new employee up to speed in a timely fashion. Alternatively, if your company is implementing a new 3D modeling solution, Compression Training will give you the extra edge to ensure success.

There are two basic reasons customers request this type of training:

  1. Rather than teaching with a general curriculum and examples out of a book (which may be nothing like the type of engineering the customer actually does) we use the customer's parts and drawings as lessons in the class.
  2. Customers may face special problems and challenges in their day-to-day design work (even after they have well trained users). They can give us these problems so that we can analyze them and come up with methods and best practices for doing that type of work better and more efficiently.

Alignex offers the training you need to efficiently design and deliver projects. For more information on Custom Compression Training, please contact your Alignex Sales Representative or email Otherwise, please take a look at the course descriptions and check our upcoming class schedule for standard subjects.

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