A Customer Story: Vermeer


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"To accomplish our goals, we need to consistently become more and more efficient, which is why we’ve added SOLIDWORKS Simulation, Product Data Management (PDM), and technical communication tools.”
Greg Johnson-Vermeer

Greg Johnson

Project Engineer, 
Engineering Applications at
Vermeer Manufacturing

Vermeer — Streamlining Machinery and Equipment Development with SOLIDWORKS Solutions

About Vermeer

Founded in 1948 by Gary Vermeer, a farmer with a passion for innovation, Vermeer Corporation has become a global leader in the manufacture of machinery and equipment for the agricultural, forestry, excavating, mining, and drilling industries. The company’s success stems from the Vermeer guiding philosophy: find a need, then fill it by designing and manufacturing products that are built to last.

To build the best possible products, Vermeer utilizes advanced design and engineering tools. Vermeer implemented 200 licenses of SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional (formerly known as SOLIDWORKS EPDM) software to improve design communication and automate development. The equipment manufacturer added 10 licenses of SOLIDWORKS Premium software to its 140-license SOLIDWORKS installation to incorporate integrated analysis tools early in its design cycles.

More recently, Vermeer acquired SOLIDWORKS Composer software to facilitate the creation of product documentation and SOLIDWORKS Electrical to help with design collaboration between electrical and mechanical systems.

In addition to automating design and engineering functions, the SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional system at Vermeer benefits other related functions, including Manufacturing, Purchasing and Technical Writing Groups. Personnel in these areas use SOLIDWORKS PDM contributor licenses to access and leverage design data—for production referencing, quoting, and  documentation/illustration development. With  SOLIDWORKS Composer software, the Technical Writing Group can more quickly and easily transform SOLIDWORKS design models into 3D renderings and exploded-view illustrations.

Read the full case study » and learn more about Vermeer Corporation at vermeer.com.

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