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What is Plastics Simulation?

Whether you design plastic parts or molds, learn the fundamentals of SOLIDWORKS Plastics to predict and avoid manufacturing defects in injection molded plastic parts.


Fundamentals Video

See the benefits of validating your plastic part designs with SOLIDWORKS Plastics.

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Buyer's Guide

Learn how SOLIDWORKS Plastics takes the guesswork—and the risk—out of designing plastic parts.

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Case Study

See how a manufacturer advanced their injection-mold development with SOLIDWORKS Plastics Professional.

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Plastics Video Library

In these videos, see how SOLIDWORKS Plastics tools can producing injection-molded parts that are free of manufacturing defects requires a complex mix of time, temperature, pressure, material, and variations in tooling or part design.


Additional Resources

Explore the resources below on SOLIDWORKS Plastics and other related plastics simulation solutions.


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