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    In today's competitive workplace CAD professionals need every edge they can get. The SOLIDWORKS Academic Certification Provider program gives students and educators a way to demonstrate their expertise with SOLIDWORKS 3D solid modeling software, design concepts, sustainable design and their commitment to professional development. Students get a proven competitive edge in the workplace. At the same time educators and schools enhance their expertise and provide new opportunities as SOLIDWORKS Academic Certification Providers. 

    SOLIDWORKS Certification FAQs

    Becoming a Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate

    The Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate-Academic (CSWA-Academic) exam enables students to demonstrate their expertise with SOLIDWORKS 3D solid modeling. The comprehensive online test measures competencies in 3D CAD modeling technology and the application of design and engineering principles. It is administered, timed and proctored by a SOLIDWORKS Academic Certification Provider.  

    After passing the exam, students can demonstrate to prospective employers that they are a CSWA-Academic. They also get access to the SOLIDWORKS Virtual Testing Center where they can further advance their professional skills. 

    Becoming a SOLIDWORKS Academic Certification Provider

    Becoming a SOLIDWORKS Academic Certification Program Provider enhances an institute's expertise and opportunities. After becoming a provider, institutes can administer the following certification exams for students:

    • Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate - Academic - CSWA - Academic
    • Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional - CSWP
    • Certified Sustainability Design Associate - CSDA
    • Certified SOLIDWORKS Simulation Associate - Finite Element Analysis - CSWSA - FEA


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