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    Business Data and Industry Intelligence All in One Place

    Get answers to your biggest business questions using real-time data insights to drive successful outcomes.

    Our Business Intelligence & Analytics Solutions represent a portfolio of integrated solutions built on the cloud-based platform of 3DEXPERIENCE WORKS, based on the NETVIBES dashboard technology. Bring together enterprise information with industry intelligence from the web all in one place to help executives make insight-driven decisions faster.

    Key Features Include:

    All-In-One Dashboards

    Instead of hunting for relevant information online, users can see it all from one dashboard, aggregated and categorized automatically. Compare the web data within the dashboard side-by-side with internal business metrics.

    Share Information & Automate Actions

    Share dashboards with live data or send automatic email alerts to keep everyone updated. Set your business on autopilot by creating automated alerts and actions, triggered by data or events.

    Monitor Topics Online

    Choose the sources of information you want to track online. Create "Tracked Topics" to save web searches you will use in the future to read and aggregate information.

    Analyze Business Metrics in a Social Context

    Easily compare and analyze internal metrics and social web data together in one dashboard to understand business decisions in their social context.Use aggregated web data to create data visualizations and automated actions.


    Instill Innovation with a Cloud-Based Platform

    With its expanding app portfolio, provided by your trusted partner, SOLIDWORKS Dassault Systèmes, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform can meet all of your product needs. From ideation to design to market intelligence, it aims to give you the tools, information and collaborative environment needed to accelerate innovation. For example, gather industry intelligence in real time anywhere with a web browser and easily create dashboards to review and share the latest data and make informed decisions faster.

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