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Pneumat Systems

Agricultural, Material Handling

Mankato, MN

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"Our tools [SOLIDWORKS] impact the bottom line directly."
Greg Nelson - Pneumat Systems

Greg Nelson


Pneumat Systems

Pneumat Systems — Making it Safer, Faster, and Easier

About Pneumat Systems

Pneumat Systems, Inc. is the leading bulk flow solution provider. Products like BinWhip, HopperPopper and RailSpreader help get product moving faster in the ethanol, grain, cement, feed, and coal industries around the world. First and foremost though, what they really provide is safety. They are a niche company working with some of the biggest corporations in the industry.

Dealing with large quantities of bulk materials can be a messy, difficult proposition. Material hang ups, loading and unloading and just keeping materials moving can put employees in dangerous situations. Pneumat Systems keeps employees out of harm’s way by adding safety to the process.

With safety on the line, the right design tools, along with proper data management strategies, are imperatives for success. Pneumat Systems counts on the support and training from Alignex along with the SOLIDWORKS family of products including SOLIDWORKS Premium, SOLIDWORKS Composer, and SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard. New technologies and new solutions are what keep Pneumat Systems poised for success in the future as well.

Check out the video and learn more about Pneumat Systems at www.pneumat.com.

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