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“What I like most about Solidworks is that it’s an extension of your mind”
Scott Harms - MetalQuest

Scott Harms


MetalQuest Unlimited

MetalQuest Unlimited— Paving the Way for Automation in the Heartland

About MetalQuest Unlimited

MetalQuest is a custom manufacturing facility that specializes in CNC based machining of highly complex parts. The company started in 1996 in a garage with one metal lathe and a passion for innovation. Today they are on the forefront of automation. 

Based in Hebron, NE, MetalQuest serves customers in the oil field industry, as well as commercial and agricultural hydraulics. They are passionate about making automation accessible and approachable to their customers. They believe automation frees up people to use their brains and take on the more challenging and interesting aspects of their manufacturing work.

MetalQuest designs their precision-machined component parts with the SOLIDWORKS Professional Suite. Check out the video and learn more about MetalQuest at www.metalquest.net.

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