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What is Computer-Aided Manufacturing?

CAM software uses CAD models and assemblies to generate toolpaths that drive the machine tools that create physical parts. CAD and CAM software are often used together to design and manufacture prototypes, finished parts and production runs.


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Get an in-depth look at your options for using new CAM tools in your existing manufacturing process.

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Manufacturing Article

Learn what makes CNC machining the most cost-effective solution for manufacturing on-demand custom parts.

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White Paper

See how you can automate CAM expertise with SOLIDWORKS CAM in a smart manufacturing ecosystem. 

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Discover which CAM product is best for your needs or learn about the powerful capabilities of SOLIDWORKS CAM in the video playlist below.



CAMWorks and NESTINGWorks Videos

Explore the features of our partner products CAMWorks and NESTINGWorks in the video library below.


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