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    Listed below is a comprehensive collection of user guides and answers to some of the most frequently asked questions received by our technical support team. Get access to our SOLIDWORKS Guides, What's New Resources and Alignex Quick Guides to get the assistance you need right away.

    Support Documents



    SOLIDWORKS Installation and Administration Guides
    How to Install & Activate a Standalone SOLIDWORKS Add-In
    SOLIDWORKS Installation and Administration Guide 2021
    SOLIDWORKS Installation and Administration Guide 2020
    SOLIDWORKS Installation and Administration Guide 2019
    SOLIDWORKS Installation and Administration Guide 2018
    SOLIDWORKS Installation and Administration Guide 2017
    SOLIDWORKS Installation and Administration Guide 2016

    SOLIDWORKS Installation and Administration Guide 2015

    SOLIDWORKS What's New Guides
    Learn about top enhancements, improvements and innovative new functionality to SOLIDWORKS products.
    What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2021
    What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2020
    What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2019
    What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2018
    What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2017
    What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2016
    What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2015

    Graphics Cards
    SOLIDWORKS Recommendations - Graphics Card Drivers
    Alignex Quick Guide: Display Driver Guide

    SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal
    Login to SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal
    SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal: Guide to Removing Padlocks

    SOLIDWORKS Hardware & System Requirements
    View SOLIDWORKS Compatibility Charts to make sure you are always working with a supported and optimized system.

    SNL (SOLIDWORKS Network Licensing)

    The SOLIDWORKS Network License (SNL) allows users to install more seats of the SOLIDWORKS® software and add-in products than they have licenses for, by floating the use of those seats without exceeding the number of licenses purchased. Interested in adding a SNL? Request more information by contacting us below. 

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    Alignex Quick Guides

    Alignex Guide to SNL Update
    This guide will take you step by step through the process of bringing your Network License manager, as well as other SOLIDWORKS' files, up-to-date in order to service your clients' updated SOLIDWORKS software versions. Updating your SNL is the first step to upgrading your client computers.

    Alignex Guide to SNL Installation
    This guide will take you step by step through the process of installing your SolidNetwork License Manager (SNL). Installing your SNL is the first step to upgrading your client computers.

    Alignex Guide to Reactivation/Addition of Network License
    After purchasing a new network license seat, modifying products owned, or updating versions, activation will be required on the SNL.

    Alignex Guide to Modify License to SNL (From Stand-Alone)
    To change individual SOLIDWORKS computers from stand-alone to operate on the License Network, follow these steps.

    Alignex Guide to Change a Stand-Alone Serial Number (From Stand-Alone)
    This document contains steps on how to change or update a serial number for a stand-alone license.

    Alignex Guide to Modify an Install
    When activating a new serial number or changing the different programs available, this guide will take you step by step through the process to complete it.

    Alignex Guide to Admin Image Install
    An Admin Image is often created to speed up the installation of multiple deployments of SOLIDWORKS. It is also used when the users want to maintain toolbox or program settings through install.

    Alignex Guide to FTP Process
    This guide shows how to access or submit files through the Alignex FTP system. This is helpful whenever large files need to be transferred. For files exceeding 10MB in size or slow connection speeds, try using FileZilla FTP program.

    Alignex Guide to a Resolve-Clean Uninstall
    If a user is experiencing SOLIDWORKS Installation problems or would like to uninstall a previous version completely because of malfunctioning components this guide shows the extra steps necessary in addition to the common un-installation steps. Because this process removes some component files that may be shared by other software programs, it should only be done if SOLIDWORKS is reinstalled afterwards. 

    Alignex Hole Wizard and Toolbox Guide Packet
    This document contains guides to many different common user actions and their best practices involving SOLIDWORKS Hole Wizard and Toolbox Database. This acts as a guide during Administration, Customization, Access or Display of the Hole Wizard and Toolbox.

    Alignex Guide to SR and SPR 
    This document contains frequently asked Q&A on Service Requests (SR) and Software Performance Reports (SPR). 

    Alignex Guide to SOLIDWORKS Performance Test
    This document explains the uses, methodology, and interpretation of the SOLIDWORKS Peformance Test. The primary goal of the Performance Test tool is to benchmark how fast a computer can complete SOLIDWORKS-related tasks.

    Alignex Guide to Downloading SOLIDWORKS Installation Media
    The SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager manages the installation files and prerequisites necessary for a successful installation of SOLIDWORKS products. This guide shows you how to download the full installation media afterwards, which contains the full media found on the DVD.

    Alignex Guide to SOLIDWORKS Rx
    The SOLIDWORKS Rx tool allows you to capture video and diagnostic information for troubleshooting problems, checking your system performance, and updating your video card driver. It also allows you to run tests and compare your results with fellow SOLIDWORKS users.

    Alignex Guide to Deactivate a License
    This tool will teach you how to update your SOLIDWORKS licenses when replacing or updating your hardware. 

    Alignex Guide to Obtain Visualize Serial Number
    This guide details the steps needed to obtain your complimentary Visualize Standard license included with a SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium Subscription.

    Alignex Guide to SNL Options File
    This guide will show you the steps to create your own Options File using the SolidNetwork License Manager. 

    Alignex Guide to Custom Hardware Support
    Have you purchased a workstation from Alignex? This guide gives you warranty information and how to obtain hardware service for your workstation purchased from Alignex.

    Alignex Guide to Borrowing Licenses from the SNL
    This guide will go over the steps for borrowing and returing SOLIDWORKS licenses from the SNL (SolidNetwork License Manager). 

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