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    SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost

    SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost is a service that allows you to distribute rendering from a computer running SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional to one or more computers on a network. Similar to a printer queue in your office, SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost allows SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional users to send jobs to other machine(s), freeing up your machine to keep using Visualize CAD or other demanding applications.

    SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost is a separate installation and should be installed on a separate computer for the best experience. SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost is easy to set up as a single node, or as a cluster so that you can scale your productivity efficiently.

    One complimentary license of SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost is included with each SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional on active subscription. Additional seats of Visualize Boost are available for purchase.


    Benefits of SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost 

    Free Up Resources on Your Local Machine

    Stack up multiple jobs in your Render Queue and offload your local machine. Visualize Boost supports any output available in Visualize Professional.

    Simple Management

    Create and manage your Visualize Boost render farm from an easy-to-use webpage.

    Flexible Installation

    Use SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost on one included node or scale up to a larger cluster in your render farm. Send SOLIDWORKS Visualize render jobs directly to those machines and watch the render jobs fly off your Render Queue.

    Use All Available Resources

    Leverage both CPUs and GPUs across your network.

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