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Control CAD File Revisions and Manage Project Data More Efficiently

SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard helps individuals and small workgroups manage projects and control their design revisions.

The simple data vault of SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard provides file security with little IT support, and its tight integration with SOLIDWORKS design software makes PDM Standard easy to learn. Advanced search, notifications, and secure file access increase productivity across your entire design group. (Formerly known as Workgroup PDM)

See how SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional extends capabilities beyond the standard PDM package or compare features in a product matrix to see what fits your needs.
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Featured SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard solutions include:

Control Revisions and Manage CAD Projects More Easily and Effectively

Easy to set up and use, SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard automatically captures file revision histories automatically and allows you and other members of your product design team to instantly access desired files, determine who has worked on them, and see exactly when changes were made.

Save Time Organizing and Tracking all Types of Design Data

SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard helps your design team more efficiently manage all types of design information—both documents and dataincluding properties such as description, status, number and costs.

Protect Project Files with Simple and Complete Security

SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard provides an additional level of security beyond a standard networked environment where files are shared by means of common network folders. With SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard, access to vaulted information is only possible through the user interface by means of the administrative controls that you establish for your workgroup.

Improve Productivity Through Reuse of Product Design Data

By making all of your product design files and data available in a manageable and secure environment with fast search capabilities, SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard allows your design team to access content easily and to reuse previously developed design work more efficiently.

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