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    Developed by Logopress for SOLIDWORKS

    SOLIDReporter for SOLIDWORKS is an add-in tool designed to work seamlessly within the SOLIDWORKS environment to help users track time spent on various projects and tasks. The tool will automatically record time spent working on parts, assemblies and drawings.

    Take the guesswork out of time and project management by knowing exactly how long different tasks take for your engineers.

    Benefits of SOLIDReporter

    Time Management

    Eliminate the tedium of reporting time spent on projects and ensure that the time reported is accurate, not estimated. Budget time for projects and receive alerts as you approach your allotted amount of time.  


    Automatically start and stop recording time spent on specific projects and tasks based on criteria defined by the user.

    Reporting & Notes

    Add notes, comments or reminders for projects. Easily create daily reports on time spent per project.


    Create custom tasks in the software to help you track time spent outside of SOLIDWORKS, including time spent in meetings, in the shop, etc.

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