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Intelligent 2D/3D plant and piping design with Smap3D Plant Design

Smap3D Plant Design is the solution package for increasing your efficiency in plant design and engineering. Smap3D Plant Design is an integrated software solution for 2D/3D plant and piping design that can implement an optimal process chain in plant design.

Benefits of Plant and Piping Design with Smap3D

Plant Engineering Library

A comprehensive library allows immediate implementation of the Smap3D Piping software. Various international standards are available: DIN/IS0, ANSI, UNI, GB, JIS, GOST

Piping Cross-Sections

Process freely defined system cross‐sections – even non‐circular cross‐sections for cable ducts, air ducts, etc. can be efficiently designed.


For each diameter, an individual value for the dimension is stored. Insulation and fittings required for breaks are generated automatically

Pipe Isometrics

Pipe isometrics are created from the 3D model at the touch of a button, with dimensions, annotations, as well as material, cutting and welding lists is automatically generated.

Automatic Generation

After selecting the pipe classes, pipelines are generated at the touch of a button. The user must only define the path; the software takes care of the rest automatically

Line Reductions and Extensions

Implement line reductions and extensions with just a few clicks – all necessary work like separating lines, shortening pipes, changing diameter, etc. is done automatically by Smap3D Piping.

Extrusions and OLETs

Extrusions and OLETs may be used at branches as an alternative to T‐components. Normally inserted by time-consuming mechanical processing, Smap3D Piping creates the extrusions automatically

Pipe Isometrics

Created pipe isometrics from the 3D model at the touch of a button, including dimensions, annotations, as well as material, cutting and welding lists

Bill of Materials

For pipelines created with Smap3D Piping, all information relevant to the plant design is available for BOMs

Additional Resources

Smap3D Plant Design

Smap3D Plant Design

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