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Cyborg3D from NPower

3D software to handle both organic and mechanical data.

Cyborg3D is an exciting new standalone 3D modeling software platform that uniquely combines organic surface modeling (subdivision surfaces) with precise, parametric CAD (NURBS solids & surfaces) modeling.

SubD2CAD creates and converts subdivision surfaces into CAD formats.  CAD2Print converts CAD formats into high quality STL files for 3-D printing. CAD2Poly converts CAD parts and assemblies into polygonal formats for visualization and gaming applications.



Cyborg3D SubD2CAD can convert your subdivision surfaces, ZBrush  models and even high density triangular meshes into CAD data formats (NURBS based boundary representations).  If you need to bring polygon based models into a CAD system, SubD2CAD is the product you need.



Cyborg3D CAD2Poly can take CAD parts and assemblies and produce high quality polygonal approximations. CAD2Poly's user control  of tessellation settings and polygon pre-visualization, empower you to quickly produce Wavefront OBJ files that are optimized for your specific downstream application.



Cyborg3D CAD2Print will help you produce better prints of models coming from CAD systems. If you have to spend time cleaning up STL files from CAD files or you need more control of the STL file quality and accuracy, you should consider adding CAD2Print to your workflow.

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