Clearly explain and present your product or process using 2D and 3D graphical content that you can quickly create with SOLIDWORKS Composer software. The easy-to-use tools and intuitive product approach let you work directly from 3D CAD data to make high quality illustrations, photorealistic images, and even interactive animations without waiting for a physical prototype.

Beyond graphical content, SOLIDWORKS Composer can also retain critical design information already built into the CAD model, such as part numbers, dimensions, quantity, standard specifications, torque, surface finish, and so on. Traditionally, manufacturers have had to re-enter it into their documentation—a manual, time-consuming job that adds cost, is prone to error, difficult to update, and inconsistent. Why re-enter data that is already available?

Now with SOLIDWORKS Composer, you can easily import design data to create bills of materials (BOMs), add dimensions, place surface finish labels and so on.

Featured SOLIDWORKS Composer Solutions Include

Create Work Instructions that Really Work

Create pictures and animations that can simplify assembly instructions and work orders. Show 3D views of how your product is assembled, reducing errors on the shop floor, eliminating language barriers, and significantly minimizing localization costs. You can even begin work instruction creation before the design is prototyped.

  • Greatly reduce the time required to generate work instructions
  • Close the loop between engineering and manufacturing
  • Reduce shop floor errors
  • Overcome translation barriers
  • Eliminate delays from late work instructions

SOLIDWORKS-Composer-Instructions-2Stay in Sync with Concurrent Product Communication

Sync up your technical and sales/marketing communications with your engineering data for a more efficient work flow. No more having to wait for final designs and production to start your product communications.

  • Start creating product communications earlier in the process
  • Increase internal work efficiencies
  • Update your communications as the design evolves – Keep graphic elements current automatically
  • Have your communications finished simultaneously with the product ship date

Easy Print and Online Parts Catalogs

SOLIDWORKS Composer allows you to easily create user friendly online parts catalogs. Create fully interactive 3D exploded views with drill down navigation including linked BOMs and balloon numbering. Create a competitive advantage while reducing your own internal costs at the same time.

  • Gain a competitive advantage by creating an easy-to-use customer interface
  • "Go Green" – Cut parts catalog production and maintenance costs
  • Reduce customer errors
  • Minimize support costs
  • Lower order processing costs
  • Improve productivity

Key Composer Benefits

  • Create accurate and graphic-rich product documentation
  • Reduce documentation costs by at 25% or more
  • Win more business and differentiate your products from competitors 
  • Add life to documentation with interactive 3D animations
  • Enjoy higher returns on existing 3D investments 
  • Engineers are free to design, not create documentation 
  • Fewer shipment delays or blocked payments


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