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Our customers come from various industries: manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, agriculture, medical device development, and more. We work closely with customers to help them become more competitive, especially in increasingly difficult markets. Our primary goal is to help integrate powerful development software, efficient data management systems, and comprehensive training so customers can create products faster, with more capabilities and less cost.



By leveraging SOLIDWORKS solutions SGI, a leader in technical computing, reduced ongoing MCAD costs without a loss in productivity or functionality.

Command Tooling Systems

Command Tooling Systems

Command Tooling Systems, along with their parent company EWS out of Germany, designs and manufactures precision CNC toolholding products for a variety of industries. Utilizing advanced technologies, like SOLIDWORKS solutions, allows them to continually produce new and innovative tooling options for the industries they serve. 

Scranton Manufacturing Co

Scranton Manufacturing

Scranton is breaking new ground in the trash collection industry with the development of new products to help solve the landfill crisis. Utilizing training from Alignex and advanced technologies, like SOLIDWORKS Premium and SOLIDWORKS Composer has allowed Scranton to streamline their design process and establish them as an industry leader in new product design.



Vermeer Manufacturing Company

Vermeer is a global leader in the manufacture of machinery and equipment for agricultural, tree-clearing, and excavating purposes. By transitioning to SOLIDWORKS 3D mechanical design software, Vermeer has both enhanced the style and improved the performance of its products.

Scott's Bell 47

Scott’s – Bell 47

With the help of SOLIDWORKS Solutions and support from Alignex, Scott’s – Bell 47 has achieved their goal of manufacturing, designing, changing and certifying the spare parts necessary to keep the fleet of about 1,000 Bell-47 aircraft safely flying.
MTS Systems Corp.

MTS Systems Corporation

MTS Systems Corp. is using SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software to more efficiently design, configure, and assemble the testing products it develops for customers across a broad range of industries. Their products include road simulators for automobiles, earthquake simulators for buildings, frame testers for aircraft, wear testers for biomedical devices, and a variety of sensors.

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