CAMWorks Wire EDM

Developed specifically for programming 2 through 4-axis Wire EDM CNC machines 


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    Programming Software for Wire EDM CNC Machines

    CAMWorks Wire EDM is fully integrated within SOLIDWORKS, providing an intuitive method for generating EDM toolpaths and machine code. It was also developed specifically for programming Wire EDM CNC machines, without the use of modified commands.

    This knowledge-based CAM software is the most efficient tool for programming Wire EDM CNC machines.

    Key Features of Wire EDM

    Automatic Feature Recognition

    The software automatically recognizes punch, die and profile EDM features on models from SOLIDWORKS, STEP, IGES and other file formats. This can reduce your programming time by as much as 90%.

    Interactive Feature Recognition

    Define 4-axis geometry easily and intuitively. Sync curves can be defined automatically or interactively.

    Knowledge-Based Machining

    Capture and reuse best practices from your programmers and machinists by storing in the TechDB (Technology Database).

    Stock Definition

    Use EDM stock shapes as part bounding boxes or as an extruded SOLIDWORKS Sketch.

    SOLIDWORKS Integration

    The design model and CAM model are one in the same with full model and toolpath associativity. The CAM model updates when changes are made to the design file. Use similar and intuitive interfaces to quickly master your software.

    2 and 4-Axis Support

    Automatic generation of rough, tab and skim cuts on 2-axis and 4-axis features.

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