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    New Term Licensing Options from SOLIDWORKS

    Short-term commitment and flexibility to match your workload and expenses.

    New in SOLIDWORKS 2018, customers are now able to purchase term licensing on a variety of SOLIDWORKS products including:

    All of these products are available to rent in increments of 3 months or 1 year. This new licensing option is available along with the traditional perpetual licensing option SOLIDWORKS users are currently purchasing today. Check out our Guide to Buying SOLIDWORKS resource with common questions about choosing a license type that is right for you.

    Here are some commonly asked questions regarding SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing:

    Is the full version of a SOLIDWORKS product included with a term license?

    Yes, files created with a term license are the same as files created with perpetual licenses – no watermarking.

    When is payment due with a term license?

    Full payment for a term license is due up-front. Payment is not available on a monthly or quarterly basis. However, Alignex may be able to offer net 30 terms if you qualify.

    Can I choose the start date of a term license?

    No, term licensing starts the day the order is processed with SOLIDWORKS, not the day the customer chooses to activate.

    Can a term license be converted to a perpetual license?

    No, term licenses cannot be converted to perpetual licenses or vice versa.

    Can an activated 1-year term license be downgraded to a 3-month term license?

    No, a term license cannot be downgraded. Customers will have to wait until the end of the term and then start a new term with a downgraded license. 

    Can an activated 3-month term license be upgraded to a 1-year term license?

    Yes, a term license can be upgraded at any time with a pro-rated fee.

    Are subscription service benefits different with a term license?

    No, those with term licenses get the same full reseller support as perpetual licenses current on Subscription Service. Customers also get access to MySolidWorks Pro, Certifications and access to the Customer Portal.

    Are term licenses transferable?

    No, term licenses cannot be transferred to another customer.

    Can I own both perpetual and term licenses?

    Yes, you can mix and match term and perpetual licenses. Meaning, you can be an existing customer with perpetual licenses (stand-alone or networked) and add a 3-month SOLIDWORKS Standard license and a few weeks later add a 1-year SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional license. 

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