SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium

Highly-advanced FEA functions for designers and engineers at a fraction of high-end FEA software costs, and with none of the complexity.


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SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium

Get a deeper view of your design performance with an extensive simulation solution. SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium includes all of the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional, plus additional features like composite materials and powerful analysis tools for simulating nonlinear and dynamic response.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium includes three advanced studies: Non-Linear Static, Non-Linear Dynamic and Linear Dynamics. Compare SOLIDWORKS Simulation packages in a product matrix or browse our Simulation Video & Resource Library for helpful related content. 

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Key Features of SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium Include

Full Associativity with 3D Design Changes

Optimize your design and analysis process with design changes that are automatically updated in SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Time Based Motion

SOLIDWORKS Motion uses assembly mates, part contacts and a robust physics-based solver to accurately determine the physical dynamic movements of an assembly under load

Linear Static Simulation

Calculate stresses, deformations, and factor of safety of geometry under loads to intuitively identify areas prone to failure

Study the Effects of Cyclic Loading

Analyze a system’s expected life or accumulated damage

Structural Analysis

Optimize designs based on structural, motion, or geometric criteria

Understand the Effects of Temperature

Study conduction, convection, and radiation heat transfer, as well as understand the impact of thermal loads

Event–based Simulation

Define motion studies based on model event and assembly actions

Simulate Frequency or Buckling 

Examine how vibrating or unstable modes can cause unexpected failures

Nonlinear Simulation

Study nonlinear problems that involve large displacement and complex material models.

Dynamic Simulation

Simulate time history, steady-state harmonic, response spectrum and random vibration excitations

Composites Components Simulation

Study multilayer composite components to examine the effects of layer material, thickness and orientation on product performance

Cyclic Symmetry and 2D Planar Simplification Tools

Create plane stress, plane strain, axisymmetric and cyclic symmetry nonlinear analysis

Additional Resources

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation Suite

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Product Matrix

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