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SOLIDWORKS Simulation gives you powerful design analysis and optimization tools to test your designs in real-world conditions and make decisions to improve quality. 

To try the advanced Simulation tools included in SOLIDWORKS Premium, simply register for the online trial. Get access to the latest capabilities within minutes with zero commitments, no install or download required:

  • Time Based Motion - Use assembly mates, part contacts and a robust physics-based solver to accurately determine the physical dynamic movements of an assembly under load
  • Linear Static Simulation for Parts and Assemblies - Calculate stresses, deformations, and factor of safety of geometry under loads to intuitively identify areas prone to failure
  • Full Associativity with Design Changes - The easy-to-use 3D virtual simulation capabilities are fully embedded in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, eliminating tedious, time-consuming tasks

  • Finite Element Analysis - Calculate component displacements, strains, and stresses under internal and external loads

NOTE: The MySolidWorks online trials are available for 2 hours from activation. If you need more time with you trial or are interested in trying a different SOLIDWORKS product please contact us directly. 

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