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Your Cloud-based 3D Product Configuration Solution

SOLIDWORKS Sell software is available as a Service (SaaS) solution that embeds into a brand’s website, allows for automatic software enhancements and reduces the need for custom consulting solutions or additional hardware. SOLIDWORKS Sell is available in three distinct editions, each of which provides multiple layers of functionality:

SOLIDWORKS Sell eCommerce enables integrations with eCommerce platforms for online or mixed online/offline sales. It allows dynamic pricing through the customer journey. It can be extended to include websites of retailers in a tiered network.

SOLIDWORKS Sell Digital Catalog updates a brand’s catalog offerings with full 360-degree views of all products. It streamlines online catalogs by condensing rich product configurations to one view and allowing consumers to personalize their own selections. Using SOLIDWORKS Digital Catalog, brick and mortar merchants can increase the range of products on display via a tablet or touchscreen

SOLIDWORKS Sell Customize allows teams (sales, marketing, product design) to pitch their product designs with all available configurations in a highly visual and interactive manner. Share concepts before building prototypes or display to customers exactly what they will be buying with all their options fully rendered for them instead of a written product description or stock photo.

Key Features of SOLIDWORKS Sell Include

Full Cloud Implementation

Leveraging the power of the cloud, we simplify the implementation and management for you. No need for specialized hardware or additional computing. We solve that challenge for you.

Product Updates in Minutes

Increase your time to market by creating immediate product updates on your website. Adding SOLIDWORKS Sell to your website allows changes or adding new products on your website within minutes, and without the need to engage IT or your Web team.

High Resolution On-demand Rendering

Have your customers create their unique offering and then create a high-resolution image OR create highly rendered images to show customers your best products. The choice is yours.

Multi-CAD Environment

Whether you are a SOLIDWORKS customer or using another CAD product, we have you covered. We accept all CAD formats so you can focus on creating great products.

Make Buying an Experience

Every site has hundreds of images and difficult configuration tools. SOLIDWORKS Sell bring the power of these tools to the mass market by simplifying integration and implementation within your organization.

Integrates into Existing Websites

Whether you are looking at a complete website overhaul or a simple integration, SOLIDWORKS Sell has you covered. We integrate with the latest web developer tools. You can create yourself or have a services organization customize it for you.

Multi-device and Mobile Ready

Your Sales team can use the tablet of their choice (laptop, tablet, mobile) to engage your customers in a new and exciting way. Walking your customers through your product to satisfy their needs will produce customer loyalty.

Augmented Reality

This allows your sales teams to place the product they are customizing for your clients in the working environment in which the product will be needed. This gives the end customer a better perspective on how your products will be used.

Infinite Product SKU's

By creating choice, you create the possibility for near infinite product choices. You can expand or limit what customers are able to customize. We make sure you know what product each customer orders in the software, so you remain worry-free.

Simplify Choice for Customers

Instead of hundreds of choices and decisions put the power of the product in your customer’s hands. Your customers will select the configurations and choices they want, personalizing products to their intent. Instead of being confused by too many choices, you allow your customers to make decisions in real time.

Support eCommerce Platforms

Whether you are looking at a complete website overhaul or a simple integration, SOLIDWORKS Sell has you covered. We integrate in using the latest web developer tools and shopping carts. 

Sales Team Ready

We have created this product so it is incredibly simple and easy to use. No need for complex training as we leverage a clean, easy to use interface.

Secure IP

We don’t expose your 3D Intellectual Property to your customers. Using a proprietary process, we keep your data safe.

Eliminate Interferences

Check for interferences, collisions and clearances between components to ensure proper operation

Bill of Materials Created on the Fly

With all the possibilities this product creates for you, we take care of the BOM, so you can get the right product to the right customer each time–regardless of their choice.

Be Social

As your customers create new personalized products, SOLIDWORKS Sell allows them to share their designs with others. You company benefits by providing your customers customized designs – by placing your brand logo on the high-resolution image. You benefit from customers sharing your brand and products on their social media connections.

Enhance Your In-store Offerings

Your customers can use the device of their choice. Whether you use this for in-store display to showcase the many options a product has or an online catalog, your customers will be able to access it.

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