The complete 3D product design solution with mechanical design, verification, motion simulation and data management in one package.


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SOLIDWORKS Premium software integrates 3D design, simulation, motion, product data management, advanced wire and pipe routing functionality, point cloud data import and CAD productivity tools in a single, affordable easy to use package.

Go from concept to virtual prototype faster than you ever thought possible with the desired quality using a single easy to use application. SOLIDWORKS Premium is so complete, you can progress from a product concept to a highly accurate virtual prototype without employing any other software.

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Key Features of SOLIDWORKS Premium Include

3D Solid Modeling

Create and edit 3D part and assembly models and create 2D drawings that automatically update with design changes

Conceptual Design

Create layout sketches; apply motors and forces to check mechanism performance; import images and scans to use as a reference for creating 3D geometry

Large Assembly Design

Create and manage extremely large designs, and work in either detailed or simplified modes

Advanced Surfacing

Create and edit complex solid and surface geometry, including stylish C2 surfaces

Sheet Metal

Design from scratch or convert your 3D part to sheet metal; includes automatic flattening of sheet metal parts with bend length compensation


Quickly design welded structures composed of structural members, plates, and gussets

Mold Design

Design molded parts and the tooling to create them, including core and cavity, draft, automated parting surfaces, and mold base components

Piping/Tubing Design

Generate and document 3D mechanical systems, including pipe/tube paths, pipe spools and pipe slope

Electrical Cable/Harness and Conduit Design

Import electrical connection information, generate and document 3D electrical route paths

Design Automation

Automate repetitive design tasks— including part, assembly, and drawing generation—using DriveWorksXpress


Automatically create multiple versions of parts and assemblies and save them in the same file for easy reference

Time Based Motion

SOLIDWORKS Motion uses assembly mates, part contacts and a robust physics-based solver to accurately determine the physical dynamic movements of an assembly under load

Linear Static Simulation

Calculate stresses, deformations, and factor of safety of geometry under loads to intuitively identify areas prone to failure


SOLIDWORKS FloXpress provides initial fluid flow simulation and reporting

2D Drawings

Quickly create production-ready 2D drawings that clearly communicate your designs

Bill of Materials (BOM)

Generate automated BOMs with balloon note callouts and cut lists that update with model changes; output to Excel or upload to ERP/MRP systems

Automatic Cost Estimation

Estimate part costs automatically using built-in cost templates, make more informed design decisions based on cost and automate quoting processes

Eliminate Interferences

Check for interferences, collisions and clearances between components to ensure proper operation

Collaborate and Communicate

Share CAD data with others, and collaborate quickly and easily on product designs.

SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management (PDM)

Manage and find your data: manage your design data with automatic revision control, data security, access control, search for components, find existing designs for re-use

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