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SOLIDWORKS Plastics Professional

Predict and avoid manufacturing defects in plastic part and injection mold designs, eliminating costly rework, improving part quality, and decreasing time to market.

SOLIDWORKS Plastics Professional builds upon SOLIDWORKS Plastics Standard to analyze mold designs. With easy-to-use tools you can quickly analyze single-and multi-cavity, and family mold layouts including sprues, runners, and gates, to estimate cycle time, and to optimize feed system design. You can even balance runner systems and estimate cycle time, clamp tonnage and shot size.

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Key Features of SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium

Estimate Cycle Time, Clamp Tonnage and Shot Size

Assist manufacturing teams to size the injection molding machine for a given mold, optimize injection molding cycle time and reduce plastics material scrap

Optimize Feed System Design

Analyze sprues, runners and gates to balance runner systems; optimize gate type, size and location; determine the best runner layout, size and cross-sectional shape


Boundary mesh (shell), solid 3D mesh, global and local mesh refinement            

Avoid Costly Mold Rework

Ensure molds will work right the first time to avoid multiple rounds of time-consuming, costly and unnecessary rework

 Plastics Material Database

Plastics material database contains thousands of commercial plastics and is fully customizable

Facilitates Design Team Communication

Web-based HTML reports make it fast and easy to communicate simulation results and design advice to all members of the design-to-manufacturing team

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