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Take Control of Your Data to Enhance Collaboration and Innovation

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional is a full-featured data management solution for organizations large and small.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional manages and synchronizes your design data across your entire product development team with a single, easily deployable solution tightly integrated with all SOLIDWORKS applications. By leveraging a secure vault, you can extend access to your 3D design environment and associated files to all participants from engineering through manufacturing, both locally and remotely. Everyone involved in your projects can share information and collaborate on designs while automatically protecting intellectual property with version and revision control systemsNeed a comparison of all our PDM and Project Management tools? Take a look at the PDM Pro vs. SOLIDWORKS Manage matrix.

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Featured SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional solutions include:

Rapidly Find Data and Control Access

Easy to set up and use, SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional automatically captures file revision histories automatically and allows you and other members of your product design team to instantly access desired files, determine who has worked on them, and see exactly when changes were made.

Save Time Organizing and Tracking all Types of Design Data

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional helps your design team more efficiently manage all types of design information—both documents and dataincluding properties such as description, status, number and costs.

Get Productive Fast

Immediately get up to speed through a fully integrated bundle that includes database software, CAD connectors, replicated servers and an API for customization.

Implement and Scale Quickly

Realize an immediate return on your investment by launching SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional in just days, then scale it as your organization grows in people, partners, and geography.

Improve Productivity Through Reuse of Design Data

By making all of your product design files and data available in a manageable and secure environment with fast search capabilities, SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional allows your design team to access content easily and to reuse previously developed design work more efficiently.

Streamline Essential Processes

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional uses an intuitive graphic interface to help you map workflows and minimize administrative work, while automated tracking of approvals and sign-offs maintains accuracy and accountability.

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