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    SOLIDWORKS Machinist Standard provides all the functionality found in SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard plus a Parts only modeling environment allowing you to work seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS Part files and import several neutral file formats. This connectivity makes it easy to work with customers and vendors to collaborate on the manufacturing process.

    Need to understand the differences between SOLIDWORKS Machinist Standard and Professional, or how it compares to SOLIDWORKS CAM? See our SOLIDWORKS CAM & SOLIDWORKS Machinist Matrix or check out our CAM Video & Resource Library.

    Features of SOLIDWORKS Machinist Standard

    Part Modeling/Import

    Part modeling and import is the foundation of programming in a digital world. Creating and importing parts allows the user the ability to communicate with designers, read MBD data and make necessary manufacturing adjustments. Because it is SOLIDWORKS, it is easy to use and learn.

    Plus, all the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard

    • Rules-Based Machining
    • Tolerance-Based Machining (TBM)
    • Knowledge-Based Machining (KBM)
    • Associativity with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD
    • Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR)
    • Automate Machine Times

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