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Part and Assembly Modeling for Import and Design Capability

SOLIDWORKS Machinist Professional provides SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional capabilities with SOLIDWORKS Parts and Assemblies to allow the user the ability to import and design fixtures and other manufacturing components used in the machining process.  By using Assembly mode in SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional, automatic toolpath clipping can be used to ensure your programs do not collide with custom fixtures or vises.

Need to understand the differences between SOLIDWORKS Machinist Standard and Professional, or how it compares to SOLIDWORKS CAM packages? See our SOLIDWORKS CAM & SOLIDWORKS Machinist Matrix or check out our CAM Video & Resource Library

Features of SOLIDWORKS Machinist Professional

Automatically Adjust Toolpaths

Once the fixtures are designed, SOLIDWORKS Machinist Professional can automatically adjust toolpaths to avoid collisions with the designed components.

Define Fixtures and Leverage Assembly Configurations

SOLIDWORKS Machinist Professional offers the addition features of machining and modeling, turning and 3+2, HSM and configuration programming to drive four and five-axis machines. These additions allow users to define fixtures as well as leverage assembly configurations to program similar parts quickly.

Plus, all the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional

  • Assembly Machining: Users who are looking to design fixturing or machine a group of parts can create the tables, vises, clamps or any other holding mechanisms using a SOLIDWORKS assembly. 
  • Turning Capabilities: Similar to part milling, users can take advantage of Automatic Feature Recognition, Knowledge-Based Machining and configurations. 
  • 3 + 2 Milling: Programmers can take advantage of 4 and 5-axis machining centers. 
  • High-Speed Machining: Utilize VoluMill 2.5-axis milling routines with Celerative Technologies. 

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