Advanced automated nesting and NC programming inside of SOLIDWORKS.


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SOLIDWORKS-based automatic nesting software.

SolidNEST is an automatic nesting and NC programming solution that runs seamlessly integrated in SOLIDWORKS. SolidNEST combines the superior nesting power of SigmaNEST with the advanced design capabilities of SOLIDWORKS to provide a seamless transition from a 3D model to NC code for all major profile cutting and punching machines without leaving the SOLIDWORKS interface.

Benefits of SolidNEST

Part Geometry

SolidNEST uses information embedded in SOLIDWORKS assembly files to generate part geometry for nesting and NC code creation

Part Level Automatic Tooling

SolidNEST allows users to create special tools using SOLIDWORKS sketch functions. This allows SolidNEST to pull from a complete tool or turret library to automatically optimize tool-sequencing. 


Advanced True Shape nesting to maximize sheet output.

NC Programming

Common-line cutting, automatic tool and die clearance control by material type and thickness, auto-skip punching to maintain symmetrical tool load and tool sequencing for minimum production time while maintaining sheet integrity.


Designed for machines with sheet dragger capability, allows nesting under and between clamps and automatically resolves clamp positioning.

Post Processing

SolidNEST offers open architecture to provide users with the maximum amount of flexibility in post processor configurations.

Exporting Options

Export options include SigmaNEST file, SOLIDWORKS Assembly File, DXF/DWG and ParaSolid IGES.


SolidNEST has automatic report generation capabilities, allowing users to quickly create full reports that include tool usage, time estimates, material yield and automatic job cost feedback.

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