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"Without having the Alignex tools, we wouldn't have been able to achieve the great success we've had in the outdoor recreation market."
Eric Wollan PlastiComp

Eric Wollan

Vice President Technology and Business Development


PlastiComp — Designing With a Passion for Success

About PlastiComp

PlastiComp, Inc. is a globally recognized leader in long-fiber reinforced composite thermoplastics, providing, as well as developing the marketability of, long-fiber reinforced thermoplastic (LFT), direct long-fiber reinforced thermoplastic (D-LFT), and direct-glass mat thermoplastic (D-GMT) technologies. They work with customers in aerospace, defense, building/construction, automotive, transportation, electronics, sports/recreation, home appliance, industrial and other markets.

As primarily a technology-development company, PlastiComp offer their customers deep industry experience, ongoing research and development, and design agility. Their product data management infrastructure plays a tremendous role in meeting these demands. Utilizing the support of Alignex, SOLIDWORKS CAD and SOLIDWORKS PDM Pro has helped make PlastiComp uniquely positioned to provide their customers with intellectual advancements that improve product performance and business positions, often in unimagined ways.

Check out the video and learn even more about PlastiComp at plasticomp.com.

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