Meta Augmented Reality

Real-time visualization and interaction that will optimize the 3D design development process.

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    Optimize the CAD Design Process with the Meta Model Viewer, Powered by SOLIDWORKS

    Product design is a three-dimensional process, so why view your CAD models on a 2D screen? Now you can visualize and interact with 3D CAD models at 1:1 scale.


    Whether reviewing a preliminary design with your manufacturing team, or presenting your design vision
    to a potential customer, augmented reality (AR) provides you with the ability to visualize and contextualize your designs in a manner that was previously only an option at the physical prototype stage.

    Key Features of the Meta Model Viewer:

    • Bridge the Gap Between CAD Models & Physical Counterparts: Quickly and easily share your design vision digitally before the physical design stage begins.
    • SOLIDWORKS Quality in AR: Converting 3D CAD models into AR-ready files can result in compromised model integrity. The Meta Model Viewer retains key information like animations, display states, materials and 3D model hierarchy.
    • Design in Context: Review your 3D CAD designs within the context of your real-world environment and at 1:1 scale through the most immersive AR headset on the market.
    • Direct Object Manipulation: Grab, rotate and scale your models using direct hand interaction or traditional mouse and keyboard—no need for complex maneuvering or hotkeys.
    • Cost & Time Reduction: Improve design reviews and shorten the overall design process by using AR to reveal design issues earlier in the process.
    • No Coding Skills Needed: Now any designer, engineer, salesperson or training professional can quickly view 3D models in AR without having to code. Simply export a gITF file from SOLIDWORKS and open it with this tool in your Meta AR headset.

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