Alignex Presents SOLIDWORKS Inspection

Automated Creation of Inspection Drawings and Reports

Does your company have employees responsible for creating inspection documentation? In this 2-minute video, get an overview of the capabilities of the new SOLIDWORKS Inspection application designed to simplify and streamline part inspection.

SOLIDWORKS Inspection will run inside of SOLIDWORKS and make a ballooned drawing as well as automatically generate an inspection report in MS Excel format. It also works as a standalone application for personnel who don't have access to a license of SOLIDWORKS. SOLIDWORKS Inspection will also work with drawings from any other CAD system via PDF or TIFF import.

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Automate the Ballooning of Engineering Drawings

Drastically reduce the time it takes to create First Article Inspection packages.


Create Inspection Reports in Industry Standard Formats

In just a few clicks, automatically create inspection reports such as AS9102, PPAP, ISO 13485 to match your company's needs.


Minimize the Time Needed to Record Inspection Measurements

With Optical Character Recognition (OCR) you virtually eliminate manual input and reduce errors.


Automate the Import of Inspection Measurements 

Import results from CMM or other digital inspection equipment.

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