SOLIDWORKS Simulation Price List (PDF)

How Much Does SOLIDWORKS Simulation Cost?

Those interested in adding additional design analysis capabilities to their workflows want to know "how much does simulation cost?" and "what comes with SOLIDWORKS Simulation packages?" The answers to these questions can be a bit technical with a variety of options, so we created a free PDF with all the information you need to help choose the best SOLIDWORKS Simulation package for you. 

Just complete this form to receive your free comprehensive PDF and price list comparing all the features of SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard, Professional and Premium. Plus, check out our Guide to Buying SOLIDWORKS Simulation with common questions people have before buying.

What's New in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2020?

SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2020 adds exciting new enhancements to validate your designs quickly and give you confidence in your simulation setup and results, including: 

  • Simulation Evaluator: Check for common errors in simulation, such as result location, material, and mesh volume.

  • Distributed Coupling for Pins and Bolts: Allow faces attached to Pin and Bolt connectors to deform.

  • Free-Body Forces for Nonlinear Studies: Calculate free body forces at every time step for both non-linear static and dynamic studies.
  • Accelerated Simulation Calculations:
    Combine linear & quadratic elements in the same study for a faster solution while still maintaining high accuracy.

  • Thermal Loads for Beams: Import temperatures from a thermal study on models containing beam elements to see resulting stresses & displacements.

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