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    Antenna and Electromagnetic Simulation Software from EMWorks

    High Frequency Simulation Software for SOLIDWORKS

    HFWorks is simulation software designed specifically for RF, microwave, mm-wave and high-speed digital circuits. It uses state-of-the-art finite element solvers and meshing technologies to compute antennas, s-parameters and resonance.

    HFWorks software is a Gold Certified Add-in to SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD.

    Key Features of HFWorks by EMWorks:

    SOLIDWORKS Embedded

    Seamless integration enables you to analyze complex high frequency and high speed electronic devices and circuits quickly. Get the model from your designers and start simulating right away.

    Electro-Thermal Analysis

    Simultaneously study electrical and thermal behavior on the same model and finite element mesh.

    Parametric Simulation

    Set any CAD dimension or simulation variable as a parameter to study the effect of its changes on your design.

    Time Domain Solution

    Get help allocating discontinuities in connectors, adapters, cable transitions and high-speed interconnects.

    Power Handling

    Explore a model's thermal behavior as a function of applied power. Find where breakdown occurs or is likely to occur.

    Mini Atlass

    This included add-in is an analysis and synthesis program for computing electrical and physical parameters of different types of transmission lines.

    ECAD Importer

    This included add-in is an ECAD-MCAD translator that links HFWorks and other ECAD software.

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    HFWorks by EMWorks

    Learn more about the capabilities of HFWorks.

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