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More Training Choices for Efficient User Development

An exclusive new training series from Alignex!

We're excited to offer eleven custom training classes developed by our Alignex Application Engineers. These classes have been requested by companies that need more options for user development that extend beyond the standard SOLIDWORKS training course offerings.

Classes are currently added to our training calendar by demand only in all of our 13 offices or can be held as a virtual class (minimum requirements apply).

Browse course topics below in our EXTEND and EXTEND MASTERCLASS series courses.


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SOLIDWORKS Extreme Part Modeling

Learn the most critical advanced part modeling techniques, including how to use multibody solids, sweeping and lofting ... Learn More

Sketch Like A Pro!

All SOLIDWORKS users, regardless of industry or design type, spend over 60% of their time in the sketcher. Learn all ... Learn More

3D Modeling for Plastic Part Design

This course is for users who predominantly handle plastic part design and deal with the specific concerns of 3D ... Learn More

Advanced Sheet Metal for Fabrication Pros

This course is for users who work in fabrication environments with sheet metal parts and assemblies. It covers advanced ... Learn More

SOLIDWORKS Advanced Weldments

SOLIDWORKS Advanced Weldments is for users who are already familiar with Weldments but want to dive into the more ... Learn More

SOLIDWORKS Essentials for Non-CAD Users

SOLIDWORKS Essentials for Non-CAD Users is for managers, casual users, shop floor personnel, etc. After this course, ... Learn More



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Continuing Education: Mastering Drawings

This class will teach SOLIDWORKS users advanced techniques for working with drawings. Students will get a deep dive ... Learn More

Mastering Imported Models in SOLIDWORKS

This class will teach SOLIDWORKS users advanced skills for working with imported models. Students will learn options ... Learn More

Continuing Education: Mastering Parts and Features

This class is an extension to the part modeling techniques taught in our SOLIDWORKS Essentials course and similar ... Learn More

Mastering the SOLIDWORKS User Interface for Efficient Design

Students in this class will learn how to massively improve on their productivity by customizing the SOLIDWORKS user ... Learn More

Mastering the SOLIDWORKS Design Library

This class will teach SOLIDWORKS users how to maximize their use of the Design Library, reduce repetitive tasks and ... Learn More

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