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    Magnetic & Electric Field Modeling Software from EMWorks

    Electromagnetic Simulation Software for SOLIDWORKS

    EMS is an electromagnetic field simulation software which calculates fields, circuit parameters, mechanical parameters and losses. It enables engineers to simulate the most intricate electrical machines, motors, generators, sensors and much more.

    EMS software is a Gold Certified Add-in to SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD.

    Key Features of EMS by EMWorks:

    Seamless CAD Geometry Integration

    Seamless integration with SOLIDWORKS empowers you to simulate the most intricate electromagnetic designs. Get the CAD model from your designers and start simulating instantly without any modification.

    Parametric Simulation

    Use "what if" analyses as the first step to optimizing your designs. Set any CAD dimension or simulation variable as a parameter and study the effect of changes to it on your design.

    Transformer Software

    EMS can be used to virtually study critical transformer design parameters including losses and thermal management, core selection, open and short circuit tests and more.

    Motor Software

    Virtually study critical electric motor design parameters such as parameter estimation, torque, core material and more.

    Parasitic RLC Extraction

    Accurately calculate resistance, inductance and capacitance for any arbitrary 3D electric or electronics structure. 

    3D Electromagnetic Fields

    Use your complete 3D geometry during electric and magnetic simulations to ensure 100% accuracy and integrity. 

    Multi-Physics Capabilities

    Integrated multi-physics enhances user efficiency, accuracy and productivity. Couple your magnetic and electrical design to circuit, motion, thermal or structural analyses on the same model. No need to import or export any data.

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    EMS by EMWorks

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