Best Practices for Adopting MBD

Learn the essentials that will help you shorten the learning curve for adopting MBD.

Achieve the fastest possible ROI with MBD!

Companies initially adopt Model Based Definition (MBD) to improve communication with manufacturing and suppliers, but its benefits expand well beyond dialogue. In fact, results from research conducted by Tech-Clarity indicate that among the companies that have adopted MBD, a resounding 89 percent are either satisfied or extremely satisfied by their results.

In this 18-page eBook, you'll learn how to reap benefits, which include:

  • 61 percent fewer manufacturing mistakes/less rework
  • 50 percent improvement in communications with suppliers
  • 33 percent happier employees focused on more value-added work
  • 28 percent shorter design cycles/time savings
  • 22 percent faster access to product information



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