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Design Automation & Sales Configurator Software for use Enterprise-wide and Online


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DriveWorks Pro

The Easy-to-Use Automation Choice for Companies that Design & Engineer-to-Order

With DriveWorks Pro you can create a Custom Configurator that ANYONE can use. Use DriveWorks locally or on the web to configure custom designs quickly and easily. It is ideal for ANY business involved in order-specific designs. DriveWorks will generate Manufacturing Drawings, 3D Models and Sales Documents accurately and automatically.

Today's customers and markets demand ever increasing variation and customization. Most manufacturers wish they could reap the benefits of mass production where an initial investment in design and engineering can be exploited over time. DriveWorks Pro enables companies to capture design knowledge, rules and experience. This knowledge can be re-used in order to create new variant designs, quickly and cost effectively.

Featured DriveWorks Pro Benefits Include:

Online 3D Sales Configurator

Generate the outputs and documentation to manufacture and sell variations of your products automatically

Powerful Design Automation

Specify to order and satisfy customer requirements—all based on YOUR rules

Time Saving

Enter data once, save valuable time and enable production to commence as soon as the order is placed

Important Aid to Quality Control

Because the outputs are based on specified rules, results are consistent and accurate, reducing the risk of costly errors


Fast Response to Customer Enquiries

Dynamic quotations can be quickly created in response to enquiries and all based on the customer’s individual requirements, as well as company profitability targets.

Valuable Sales and Marketing Tool

Generation of 3D models and 2D drawings enables the customer to quickly ‘see’ their product, and so aids the sales process.

Modules in DriveWorks Pro to Suit Your Requirements

ADD specific modules as you need them and as you automate more.

  • Administrator
  • User
  • Autopilot - including 3D Preview for the web
  • Live - for the web


Integration with PDM Professional

DriveWorks Pro integrates with SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional

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DriveWorks Pro

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