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The Alignex Discovery Training Series is designed to give you a firsthand look at SOLIDWORKS and partner product technology. Explore powerful, easy-to-use solutions on a dedicated workstation, get a hands-on introduction and leave with a better understanding of a new software's capabilities. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable access to our knowledgeable Alignex application engineers and see how one of these solutions could be a fit for you or your organization. 

Attend an upcoming session featuring SOLIDWORKS Electrical, SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, SOLIDWORKS Composer, SOLIDWORKS InspectionSOLIDWORKS Plastics and SOLIDWORKS Simulation


SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD Discovery Training

Discover how SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD can quickly transform new ideas into great products. Experience simplified intricate design tasks, streamlined processes and powerful modeling tools at your fingertips to easily create complex forms.

This introductory, hands-on session will show you the basics of navigating SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD and then allow you to explore the software at your own pace.

Length: 3 Hours

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Discovery Training

SOLIDWORKS Electrical Discovery Training

SOLIDWORKS Electrical simplifies electrical schematic creation with an intuitive interface for faster design of embedded electrical systems. Discover synced real-time, bidirectional updates between schematics and 3D models in the design process.

This hands-on discovery session allows you to explore capabilities such as controls schematics, harness schematics, automatic BOM / wirelist creation, automated 3D routing in SOLIDWORKS, annotation flatten, manufacture flatten and 3D panel layout. 

Length: 3 Hours


SOLIDWORKS Composer Discovery Training

In this session, you'll get a firsthand introduction to the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Composer. Explore basic operations such as navigating your 3D CAD data without having a CAD system, creating figures and illustrations, publishing raster and vector images, updating content after engineering changes, making a parts order web page (balloons and BOMs) and producing interactive assembly instructions.

Length: 2 Hours


SOLIDWORKS Inspection Discovery Training

This session is designed to give you a brief introduction to the basics of creating inspection documentation with SOLIDWORKS Inspection.

Follow along at your own pace to explore the software’s capabilities with step-by-step exercises such as creating a new project, ballooning a drawing or creating an inspection report. See how SOLIDWORKS Inspection virtually eliminates errors by speeding up repetitive manual processes.

Length: 2 Hours


SOLIDWORKS Plastics Discovery Training

Explore the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Plastics to optimize part and mold designs in the earliest stages of development. See how you can quickly evaluate manufacturability while you design, to eliminate costly mold rework, improve part quality, and accelerate time to market.

Length: 3 Hours


SOLIDWORKS Simulation Discovery Training

During this session, you will experience a hands-on introduction to the powerful analysis tools of SOLIDWORKS Simulation products. See firsthand how performing stress, thermal, optimization, fatigue analysis or motion simulations can help engineers and designers reduce design costs, minimize production errors and build better products. 

Length: 3 Hours

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