Your Complete Guide to SOLIDWORKS Training


This comprehensive guide was created to help answer any questions you might have about taking SOLIDWORKS training courses, including available courses from Alignex, what to expect from the classes and different training pathways.


What Training Courses Do You Offer?

Alignex Training Courses

We offer over 50 training courses covering everything from essential SOLIDWORKS skills to advanced design topics. Our course catalog includes standard training for every type of SOLIDWORKS software we sell, from 3D CAD to Simulation to Electrical.

EXTEND Training
Those who are looking to develop skills beyond standard SOLIDWORKS courses should check out our EXTEND Training. These courses were custom created by Alignex Application Engineers to meet our most common user requested training content. Our EXTEND Training allows for learning specialized skills in shorter sessions to minimize your time away from work.


What Can I Expect at a Training Class?

The Alignex Experience

One of the most common questions we receive here at Alignex is what to expect when taking a SOLIDWORKS training course. While it is easy enough to find course descriptions online, we want to make sure you know exactly what to expect when you walk through our doors on the first day of training at Alignex.

Top Certified Instructors
All of our trainers are certified by SOLIDWORKS in the areas that they teach and communicate course materials clearly to facilitate learning. However, they are not simply teachers: they have a wealth of industry experience and are the same Application Engineers that work on our Technical Support desk, meaning they can help you work through specific issues related to your real-world work scenarios.

State-of-the-Art Hardware
No need to bring a laptop or worry about what computer you will use at the training class. All of our labs are equipped with powerful workstations, including interactive hardware and software setups that create a collaborative training experience.

Complimentary Food and Drinks
Skip the bag lunch! For every training class we host in our offices, Alignex provides morning snacks, coffee and catered lunches.

Convenient Regional Training Facilities
We offer classes at all of Alignex’s thirteen regional offices across nine states. Not located near one of our offices? We can bring the training experience to you with our mobileEX trailer or host training right in your office.

Which SOLIDWORKS Classes Should I Take?

Are You New to SOLIDWORKS?

For those who are new to SOLIDWORKS or 3D CAD, we highly recommend our introductory SOLIDWORKS Essentials course. It is a 4-day course that covers how to build parametric models of parts and assemblies and how to make simple drawings of those parts and assemblies.

Before you attend your first day of SOLIDWORKS Essentials, we recommend completing the SOLIDWORKS Tutorials built into the software to familiarize yourself with the software ahead of time. You can access those tutorials inside of SOLIDWORKS by going to Help > SOLIDWORKS Tutorials and then selecting All SOLIDWORKS Tutorials > Introduction to SOLIDWORKS.



Training Pathways

Training recommendations are based on your job role and your past experience. To help students find the right classes, Alignex has put together a series of Training Pathways that consist of suggested classes as well as optional classes to continue to enhance your skills.

SOLIDWORKS Classes for Beginners:
Advanced Part Modeling

Enhance Your Skills With:
Assembly Modeling
Surface Modeling
Sheet Metal

SOLIDWORKS Classes for Machine Designers:
Assembly Modeling

Enhance Your Skills With:
Sheet Metal
Simulation Professional

SOLIDWORKS Classes for Migrating from Pro/Engineer:
ProE to SOLIDWORKS Custom Training

SOLIDWORKS Classes for Plastic Part Designers:
Advanced Part Modeling
Surface Modeling
Mold Design

Enhance Your Skills With:
Simulation Premium: Nonlinear

SOLIDWORKS Classes for Metal Part Designers:
Sheet Metal
Advanced Part Modeling

Enhance Your Skills With:
Assembly Modeling
Simulation Professional 

SOLIDWORKS Classes for Migrating from Inventor:
Inventor to SOLIDWORKS Custom Training

SOLIDWORKS Design Analysis & Optimization Classes:
Simulation Professional

Enhance Your Skills With:
Simulation Premium: Dynamics
(if working with vibration or dynamic loads)
Simulation Premium: Nonlinear
(if working with rubber, plastics or composites)
Flow Simulation (if working with fluids, air flow, gas mixing, thermal problems or electronics)
Motion (if working with machines or mechanisms)

SOLIDWORKS Data Management Classes:
Administering PDM Standard or Administering PDM Professional

Enhance Your Skills With:
File Management

Where Can I Get SOLIDWORKS Training?

Alignex Training Centers
The majority of our courses are conducted in our convenient regional facilities. Alignex has 13 regional offices, each with a dedicated training lab filled with state-of-the-art hardware and software:

Alignex Virtual Training
For our customers who are not able to make it to one of our regional offices, Alignex also offers virtual, interactive, instructor-led live training over the web for certain courses. These virtual courses follow the same curriculum as the classroom classes, while adding the convenience of remaining at your home or office.

mobileEX and On-Site Training
For teams with several engineers in need of training, Alignex also has mobile training capabilities with our mobileEX training trailer, as well as the ability to host on-site training for your team at your office. We can bring a full training class to your location or develop custom or compressed training for a unique experience specific to your company’s needs.


How Do I Register for a Training Class?

For classroom and virtual training sessions, please visit the Alignex Training Calendar on our website to register for available courses. For custom, on-site training, please visit our website to request additional information.

How Much Does SOLIDWORKS Training Cost?

For pricing, you can request a quote below or contact our training coordinator by email at or by phone at 866-378-6829.

Request a Quote

What is Included in the Price? 

When you take a course at Alignex, the following will be provided to you:

  • Use of a personal workstation loaded with state-of-the-art hardware and software
  • A printed training manual for use during the class that is yours to keep upon completion
  • Complimentary food and drinks including morning snacks, coffee and lunch for all classes at our training facilities
  • A training certificate signed by your instructor for completing the course - perfect for your personal or professional records


Do You Offer Discounts?

Passport Training

For users who are committed to getting up to speed with SOLIDWORKS quickly, we offer an exclusive discounted training program called Alignex Passport Training. For a one-time fee, a student can take each of our 7 most popular training courses once each over a 12-month period. This pay-up-front option offers savings over purchasing the 7 courses individually.

Workforce Training

For individuals who are looking to boost their skills and enhance their resumes to re-enter the workforce, Alignex offers special Workforce Training. These courses cover a range of skill levels and have assisted many dislocated workers to get back into the industry.

Are There Any Free SOLIDWORKS Training Resources?


There is free SOLIDWORKS training content available to anyone through Even without an active subscription, anyone can create an account and access the SOLIDWORKS community forums as well as 30+ hours of training video content. Those users with an active SOLIDWORKS subscription get access to additional resources, including over 100 hours of training content.

For more information about MySolidWorks, be sure to review the Alignex Blog:

Alignex Discovery Training

The Alignex Discovery Training Series is designed to give you a firsthand look at SOLIDWORKS software. In these sessions, you can explore the powerful, easy-to-use solutions on a dedicated workstation, get a hands-on introduction and leave with a better understanding of a new software's capabilities. 

Alignex also regularly hosts a variety of educational events and webinars to help you evaluate solutions, improve design processes and uncover new features in the software.


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