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Accurately Visualize Cam Components with Camnetics CamTrax64

An object property driven cam design program for Win32 and Win64 operating systems.

CamTrax64 standard cam types include cylindrical cams, plate (aka disk) cams and linear cams. Choose the follower type that the design requires, including on center translating, off center translating and oscillating (swinging arm). Selecting different motion synthesis is a snap with CamTrax64. Choose between virtually any standard cam motion with a couple mouse clicks. With Excel the designer can analyze the cam motions and compare different motion synthesis. Don't have Excel? Output can also be to a text file! Charted are displacement, velocity, acceleration, pressure angle, cam shaft torque, radius of curvature, contact stress and normal force.

Top Features of CamTrax64 Include

Cam Types

Cylindrical (barrel), segment cams, disk and linear


Cycloidal*, harmonic*, modified sine*, modified trapezoid, cycloidal/harmonic*, harmonic/cycloidal*, constant velocity, Terminal Velocity, 3-4-5 polynomial, 3-4-5-6 Polynomial, 4-5-6-7 polynomial, 8th power polynomial, constant acceleration, double harmonic, user points

*Symmetry (n) is configurable.

Follower Types

On center translating, double cam followers, conjugate paths, off center translating and oscillating (swinging) arm

Numerical Tables and Graphs

Displacement, velocity, acceleration, pulse (jerk), pressure angle, cam shaft torque, contact stress, normal force, radius of curvature


The fabrication module creates NC code for your 3 and 4 axis machine tools.

Additional Highlights

  • Available as an add-on for SOLIDWORKS and can also be used standalone
  • Several network license options available
  • Programmed in the USA using 100% renewable energy
  • Free 10 day trials available!

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Learn how CamTrax64 allows designers to accurately visualize cam components.

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